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Laboratory of Behavioral Research


The Laboratory of Behavioral Research at the Technion supports the research of students and faculty members in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Technion. The lab was established using collective research funds of the faculty.


The lab has two rooms; one for running experiments and one for administrative and student use.

  • The experiment room has 8 desktop computers which are separated by barriers.
  • The administrative room is equipped with 3 desktop computers.



Academic Manager:

Prof. Rakefet Ackerman

Room: Bloomfield – 506

Phone: 4438


Lab Manager:

Yael Sidi

Room: Cooper – 432

Phone: 2450



Open new experiment:


ODC- experiments management:


Subjects Form:

In order for you to get reimbursed for payments to participants you will need to fill out this form.

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