• Dr. Ofra Amir among the 40 most promising young people by TheMarker Magazine

    Dr. Ofra Amir was chosen as one of 40 most promising young people (40 under 40) for 2019 by TheMarker Magazine.

    Congreats Ofra

    The article (Hebrew)

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  • Prof. Eldad Yechiam appointed co-editor in chief of the Journal of Economic Psychology

    Prof. Eldad Yechiam has been appointed co-editor in chief of the Journal of Economic Psychology (JoEP). The journal “aims to present research that will improve understanding of behavioral, in particular psychological, aspects of economic phenomena and processes.” He has also been elected for the governing board of the European Association

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  • DR. Gila Molcho declared Outstanding Employee of the Technion

    It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that Dr. Gila Molcho was awarded as an Outstanding Employee of the Technion.
    Gila received the award for her tremendous contribution to the development of the data science field at the Faculty and the Technion, and in particular for her

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  • Prof. Avishai Mandelbaum announced 2019 MSOM Fellow

    Prof. Avishai Mandelbaum has been selected as one of the three 2019   MSOM (Manufacturing and Service Operations Management) Fellow s!

    The announcement has been made a few days ago at the 2019 MSOM conference Business Meeting, making Avishai the first Israeli scholar (and one of just a few scholars outside

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  • Prof. Carmel Domshlak recipient of the ICAPS Influential Paper award for 2019

    Prof. Carmel Domshlak's paper, "From One to Many: Planning for Loosely Coupled Multi-Agent Systems" co-authored with Prof. Ronen Brafman, won the ICAPS Influential Paper award for 2019.

    The paper presents the first general and formal formulation for multi-agent (classical) planning (MAP) which corresponds to the task of multiple agents working cooperatively to

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  • Dr. Ofra Amir guest of the Podcast "Hamabada" (The lab)

    "The Lab" podcast of "Kan 11", hosts scientists from different research areas who discuss research questions from their domain of expertise. Ofra discussed research in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. The first two episodes provide a review of computer science in general and research in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction.

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  • First IE&M MOOC: Model-based Systems Engineering with Object-Process Methodology

    A new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) titled Model-based Systems Engineering with Object-Process Methodology (MBSE with OPM) is launching on March 18, 2019, on the prestigious edX platform. The Foundations and Advanced courses are available for both Technion students (as course 094222) and learners worldwide. Learners will acquire the skills

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  • Prof. Eitan Naveh Winner of the Second IACMR-RRBM Award

    Congratulations to Prof. Eitan Naveh, as he won the Second IACMR-RRBM Award for Responsible Research, for his article (co-authored with Katz-Navon, T.) “A longitudinal study of an intervention to improve road safety climate: Climate as an organizational boundary spanner”. (2015) This study presents and tests an intervention by the Israeli

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  • Prof. Roi Reichart received Honorable Mention from the 2019 Yanai Prize for Excellence in Academic Education

    Our warmest greetings to Prof. Roi Reichart for receiving a Honorable Mention by the Yanai Prize for Excellence in Academic Education for 2019. Prof. Reichart was awarded the Honorable Mention as a recognition of his outstanding contribution in promoting the quality and excellence of academic education, improving the students' learning

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  • Three doctoral students and a master student winning excellence scholarships

    Congratulations to our doctoral students: Roee Shraga for winning the Daniel Scholarship, Omer Ben Porat for winning the Jacobs Scholarship and Daniel Altman for winning a Gutwirth scholarship. Our greetings go as well to Maram Jacob, who won the CHE scholarship for outstanding graduate students from the Arab society.


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  • Omer Ben-Porat received the prestigious J.P. Morgan PhD Fellowship 2019

    Congrats! Omer Ben-Porat received the prestigious J.P. Morgan PhD Fellowship 2019, given to PhD candidates around the world. The fellowship, awarded to 14 students this year, is given to students with an exceptional research in AI, machine learning, data privacy, cryptography, and ethics in computing.

    Omer, a PhD student in

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  • Chillag award to DR. Sharon Tal Itzkovitch

    Dr. Sharon Tal-Itzkovitch was awarded the David Chillag Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The prize was given to Sharon for her exceptional achievements in training tomorrow's industrial leaders.

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  • Noemi Balouka a PhD candidate wins PMS best article prize

    PMS conference, the main project management and scheduling community event,  takes place every two years---this year in Rome.

    Noemi Balouka a PhD candidate from the faculty won the best paper competition – First Prize Winner.

    Her presentation (and the others as well), A Robust Optimization Model for the Multi-mode Resource-Constrained Project

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  • Assistant Professor Shoham Sabach won the Cooper prize

    Assistant Professor Shoham Sabach won the 2018 prestigious Cooper prize for research excellence.


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  • Nadav Hallak, PhD candidate, won the Jacobs award.

    Nadav Hallak, PhD candidate, won the prestigious Jacobs award for excellent published academic paper.

    Nadav's paper studies algorithms and optimality conditions in problems in which the objective function is the sum of a continuous function and a penalty function on the number of non-zero elements (sparsity), over a constrained set. The

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  • Assistant Professor Yakov Babichenko awarded the distinguished Krill Prize

    Assistant Professor Yakov Babichenko was awarded the distinguished 2018 Krill Prize 2018 given by the Wolf foundation to young researchers for his researcn in the field of Game Theory and the Communication complexity of approximate Nash equilibria problam.

    further reading

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  • Rotem Dror recipient of the Google PhD Fellowships for 2018

    Rotem Dror a PHD candidate in our faculty received the 2018 Google PhD FellowshipFellowships  for her research on Natural Language Processing. The fellowship acknowledges students contribution to their areas of specialty and provides funding for their education and research. 

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  • What is Social Choice Theory - New book of Dr. Reshef Meir

    R eshef Meir,  Strategic Voting: Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning   

    Social choice theory deals with aggregating the preferences of multiple individuals regarding several available alternatives, a situation colloquially known as  voting . In his new book, Reshef Meir overviews recent and classic research on two fundamental questions: First, under

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  • Prof. Avigdor Gal wins a Test of Time Award

    Prof. Avigdor Gal wins a Test of Time Award at the Distributed and Event Based Systems (DEBS) 2018 conference for the paper “Complex Event Processing over Uncertain Data”, co-authored with Segev Wasserkrug, Opher Etzion, and Yulia Turchin (all students and researchers associated with our faculty).

    The DEBS announcement:

    June 2018:

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