Yochanan Comay was born in South Africa to a Zionist family. He and his family immigrated to Israel in 1947, later he married Susan, and had two children. Yochanan joined the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in 1969 as Lecturer in Economics and Human Capital, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer shortly thereafter. He published several papers and research reports in his areas of interest. During his brief service in the faculty, he advised graduate students, participated in academic committees, and contributed to the strengthening of the Economics area.

Yochanan was called to reserve service in the artillery on the Golan Heights, during the Yom Kippur war. There he met his untimely, much lamented death, which cut off a promising career. The Yochanan Comay Prize for students in Economics was established in his memory by his parents. He is remembered as a brilliant scientist, valued colleague, sociable friend - who was taken from us before his time. 

Friends and Supporters

Yochanan Comay was born in South Africa and moved to Israel with his parents in 1948. He joined the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in 1969 after gaining a doctorate from Princeton University in the field of labor economics. He was a brilliant scientist, and published articles in leading journals in the fields of human capital and emigration.

During the Yom Kippur War Yochanan fought in battles on the Golan Heights, and was killed in the line of duty. He was 34 years old.

The Yochanan Comay Prize is awarded for outstanding projects in economics and management.

יוחנן קומיי נולד בדרום אפריקה ועלה ארצה עם הוריו בשנת תש"ח. הוא הצטרף לפקולטה להנדסת תעשייה וניהול בשנת 1969 לאחר קבלת תואר שלישי מאוניברסיטת פרינסטון בתחום כלכלת עבודה. הוא היה מדען מבריק אשר פרסם מאמרים בכתבי-עת מובילים בתחומיהון אנושי והגירה.

במלחמת יום הכיפורים לחם בקרבות ברמת הגולן ונהרג במסגרת מילוי תפקידו. הוא היה בן 34 במותו.

הפרס ע"ש יוחנן קומיי מיועד לפרויקטים מצטיינים בשטח הכלכלה והניהול.