Daniel Altman is a Ph.D. student at the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty at the Technion. He has a B.A in Psychology Sociology and Anthropology from the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College and a MSc in Organizational Psychology from the Technion. His MSc thesis, advised by Prof. Anat Rafaeli and Dr. Galit Yom-Tov explored the effects of expressed customer emotion in service systems on consequent employee performance and behavior using Big-Data. 



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Seltzer, O., Bar, M., Altman, D., Ahron, M., Azulay, I., Mazzawi, N., Vadas, L., Reshef, A., Bloch, B., & Haimov, I. (2014).The relationship between self-report and recorded sleep among schizophrenia patients. ISFN .


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The Role of Customer Emotion in Service Processes

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