David Azriel received his PhD in Statistics from the Hebrew University in 2012. From October 2011 till September 2013 he was a postdoc scholar at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, TechnionIsrael Institute of Technology. In October 2013 he started a faculty position at the IE&M Faculty, Technion. In October 2013 he also started a two-year appointment as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Statistics Department at the University of Pennsylvania.

Selected Publications

Azriel, D., and Rinott Y. (2015). Measuring the usefulness of statistical models. A version appeared as Center for Rationality Discussion paper 669 in 2014. Submitted.

Azriel D., Feigin P.D., Mandelbaum A. (2015). Erlang-S: A Data-Based Model of Servers in Queueing Networks. Submitted.

Azriel D. (2015). Power efficiency of Efron's biased coin design. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 129, 15--27.

Azriel D., Schwartzman A. (2015). The Empirical Distribution of a Large Number of Correlated Normal Variables. To appear in The Journal of the American Statistical Association.

Azriel D. (2015). Optimal allocation designs for a multi-arm multi-objective clinical trial. Modern Adaptive Randomized Clinical Trials: Statistical and Practical Aspects, CRC Press.

Azriel D., Feigin P.D. (2014). Adaptive designs to maximize power in clinical trials with multiple treatments. Sequential Analysis: Design Methods and Applications, 33, 60--86.

Azriel D. (2014). Optimal sequential designs in phase I studies. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 71, 288–-297.

Azriel D., Mandel M., Rinott Y. (2012). Optimal allocation to maximize power of two-sample tests for binary response. Biometrika, 99, 101–113.

Azriel D. (2012). A note on the robustness of the continual reassessment method. Statistics and Probability letters, 82, 902–906.

Azriel D., Mandel M., Rinott Y. (2011). The treatment versus experimentation dilemma in dose finding studies. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 141, 2759–2768.

Oron A., Azriel D., Hoff P. (2011). Dose-Finding Designs: The Role of Convergence Properties. The International Journal of Biostatistics, 7, Article 39.


Adaptive designs in clinical trials, Statistical theory, Statistical modeling, Service systems.

Adaptive designs in clinical trials.
Statistical models of call centers.
Empirical distribution of correlated observations and model selection.

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