Dr. Golany is a Professor in the Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) Faculty at the Technion. He has a B.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude) in IE&M from the Technion (1982), and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from the Business School of the University of Texas at Austin (1985).  Dr. Golany served as an Associate Dean of the IE&M Faculty during 1994-1999 and as its Dean during 2006-2011. He currently serves as the Technion Vice President for External Relations & Resource Development.

He was awarded the Naor Prize of the Israeli Operations Research Society in 1982 and the Yigal Alon Fellowship from the Israeli Education Ministry in 1986. In 1991 he was a recipient of the Technion Academic Excellence Award. Since 1994 he has been a Senior Research Fellow at the IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin and since 1996 he has been the Vice President of the Israeli OR Society. Prof. Golany has published over 80 papers in academic and professional journals and books. His publications are in the areas of Industrial Engineering, Operations Research and Management Science.


Prof. Golany has published over 80 papers in academic journals and books. His publications are in the areas of Industrial Engineering, Operations Research and Management Science. His primary research contributions are in the area of efficiency and productivity studies. There, he is considered one of the leading experts in Data Envelopment Analysis, a position that was solidified with his appointment as an Editor of the Journal of Productivity Analysis in January 1996. Prof. Golany's interest in the area started when he was studying for his Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor A. Charnes who was one of the founders of Management Science in general and DEA in particular. His PhD thesis led to a paper they co-authored with others on the foundations of DEA (Journal of Econometrics 1985). This paper is now considered a cornerstone of the methodology. After completing his PhD, prof. Golany continued to work independently on expanding the basic DEA methodology. His "ordinal relations" paper (Management Science, 1988) was the first attempt to add restrictions on the virtual multipliers in DEA. His "interactive MOLP" paper (Journal of the Operational Research Society, 1988) was the first publication to tie DEA with multi-objective programming procedures.

Upon returning to Israel, he collaborated with Professor Y. Roll on a number of DEA research projects. Their first paper, "application procedure" (Omega, 1989), became a standard guide for many DEA applications worldwide. Their papers on "factor weights" (IIE Transactions, 1991 and Omega, 1993) and non-discretionary variables (Journal of Productivity Analysis, 1993) added important elements to the DEA framework.

Prof. Golany continued his original work on DEA and multi-objective programming with a series of publications on DEA and effectiveness considerations (IIE Transactions, 1993, Management Science, 1995 and Journal of Productivity Analysis, 1995). He collaborated with other researchers in an effort to extend the theory of DEA by enabling "program evaluation" (Management Science, 1996), accounting for returns to scale (European Journal of Operations Research, 1997), restricted best practice selection (Annals of Operations Research, 1997), intertemporal trends (Journal of Productivity Analysis, 1999), and more.

Prof. Golany was involved in many DEA applications, some leading to significant research contributions. Several of these studies focused on military units in the US and Israel. The most known of these applications is the one done for the US Tactical Air Command (Annals of Operations Research, 1985). This was followed with applications to the Israeli Air Force (European journal of Operations Research, 1989) and to the US Army Recruiting Command (Journal of Military Operations Research, 1997). Other areas where prof. Golany applied his DEA know-how include power plants (IEEE Transactions of Engineering Management, 1994), soft drinks (in the book Data Envelopment Analysis: Theory, Methodology and Applications, 1995), hospitals (in the book Frontiers of Medical Information Sciences, 1988), bank branches (Interfaces, 1999) and airports (European journal of Operations Research, 2000).

Another line of research contributions by Prof. Golany involves various topics of production and inventory management. There, he collaborated with other colleagues in developing algorithms for the dynamic lot size problem (Computers & Operations Research, 1992) and multi-item inventory replenishment models (International Journal of Production Research, 1992). He contributed to the development of advanced production systems by determining the number of Kanbans in a multi-product production systems (International Journal of Production Research, 1991) and limiting the WIP size in CONWIP systems (IIE Transactions, 1999). Together with Professor M. Rosenblatt he developed several heuristics for facility layout planning (International Journal of Production Research, 1989, and European Journal of Operations Research, 1992). His contribution to this field culminated in the book he co-edited with M. Avriel (1996).

A third line of research in which prof. Golany has been involved is multi-criteria decision making. Together with Professor J. Barzilai he has published a series of papers that challenged the well-known AHP technique and proved the existence of some basic flaws in its fundamental axioms (Operations Research Letters, 1987, 1990, Information Systems and Operational Research, 1994 and in the book in Systems and Management Sciences by Extremal Methods, 1992). With Dr. M. Kress he evaluated weights driven from ratio-scale matrices (European Journal of Operations Research, 1993) and demonstrated the advantages of using the approach that he had developed earlier with Professor Barzilai.

A fourth line of research that Prof. Golany developed with his colelagues and students is Project management.  His contributions there include the development of a CONPIP concept (Int. Journal of Project Management, 2003); employing the cross-entropy approach to scheduling project operations (Annals of Operations Research 2005 and the Journal of Scheduling2007); combining the balanced score card and DEA methodologies to evaluate R&D projects (European Journal of Operations Research, 1993 and Omega 2008) and setting gates for starting tasks in stochastic project environments (Annals of Operations Research 2009 and 2011).  

Prof. Golany has also explored some issues that relate to data analysis in general and marketing research applications in particular. These works include the estimation of purchase frequency from incomplete data (The International Journal of Research in Marketing, 1986) and density estimation from data in histogram form (Decision Science, 1990). The analysis of incomplete data led to the design of various types of consumer panels (International Journal of Research in Marketing, 1991 and European Journal of Operations Research, 1995). Additional useful data analysis contributed to the development of actuarial usage of grouped data (Transactions of the Society of Actuaries, 1996 -- a paper that won the best paper of the year from that society).

Prof. Golany's has also devoted considerable attention to military operations research and more recently to homeland security & counter terrorism research. In addition to the military related DEA applications mentioned earlier, he has contributed to several applications of OR models to real-world military problems. Working with US Navy personnel he developed a goal programming system for the management of the US Navy sea-shore rotation program (in the book Human Resource Policy Analysis,Organizational Applications, 1985). Working with US airforce personnel he developed a network model that ties aircraft design modifications with the operational objectives of strategic bombers (International Journal of Systems Science, 1988). Finally, investigating military airlift operations he developed a model to optimize the assignment of aircrews to flight segments in such scenarios (European Journal of Operations Research, 1994).  In recent years he has collaborated with Prof. U.G. Rothblum in addressing various issues of homeland security and conter terrorism (European Journal of Operations Research, 2009 and 2011;Journal of Optimization Tehory and Applications, 2011; Operations Research 2011) 



  • Optimal investment in R&D projects
  • Resource allocation in counter-terrorism and homeland security activities
  • Optimal inventory replenishment decisions with uncertainty in the demand and the planning horizon

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PhD Thesis

On Chance Constrained, Competitive and Cooperative Evaluational Methods in Some Problems of Dynamic Management, PhD thesis, The University of Texas at Austin, August 1985.

Published Papers

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