Announcements & Projects:

  • I welcome groups of 2-5 students (undergraduates and/or graduates) to perform a project that demonstrates data collection, its integration and process mapping. Experience, learn, and earn money or 3.5 academic points. Email me if you are interested.
  • I have now a vacancy  for a motivated M.Sc. / Ph.D student.
    If you are interested in a research that:
    1. combines applied and theoretical / empirical aspects, and
    2. involves one of my research interests - project management, new product development or healthcare systems with a focus on elderly people,
    just Contact  me to learn more.

  • Specific M.Sc. / Ph.D research topics are:
    - New Product Development (NPD) funding.
    - Personalized / data-driven / robust project management.
    - Hospitals at home: Technologies and methodologies
    - Agile vs. waterfall models

My professional profile:

  • An academic staff member (rank: senior lecturer) in the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty at the Technion , Israel.
  • I was educated in three different Technionic faculties: my B.Sc is in Chemical Engineering, my M.Sc is in Materials Engineering and my Ph.D is from the Industrial Engineering and Management faculty.
  • Before joining the Technion I held senior logistics and engineering management roles in the Israeli Defense Forces.
  • I founded compair , a not-for-profit Israeli initiative that pairs between elderly people and assisted living / home care organizations.
  • Throughout the years I consulted to various organizations and promoted various (academic and community-oriented) initiatives. 
  • Need more info ? Sure, just Contact  me and / or see my C.V.

Relevant links:


Project management (095140)

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Project management and new product development

Healthcare systems with a focus on the elderly

Contact Info

email: izikc@technion.ac.il
Room 508 Bloomfield Building