Prof. Leonid Mytnik has an M.Sc. in Operations Research from the Technion. His Ph.D. which concentrated on stochastic processes is also from the Technion. He held postdoctoral positions at the Department of Mathematics of The University of British Columbia, Canada (1996-1998), and then at the Laboratoire de Probabilites, University of Paris VI (1998-1999).

He returned to Israel in 1999 to assume a position at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, at the Technion. 

Prof. Mytnik has been doing research in various branches of the theory of Stochastic Processes. His main contribution over the past several years has been in the area of measure-valued processes or superprocesses. This class of processes describes the motion of mass in a scenario where a reproductive mechanism is also at play. Superprocesses can be constructed as a limit of branching migrating particles with small masses. The martingale problem approach, introduced by Stroock Varadhan for the study of finite dimensional diffusions, appeared to be a powerful tool to handle the problems of existence and uniqueness for the measure-valued processes. The success in the mathematical study of superprocesses is largely due to the strong independence assumptions: in the "particle picture'' distinct particles branch and migrate independently of each other. When dependence on the other particles in the population is introduced into these two random mechanisms the situation becomes much more difficult, especially in the question of uniqueness. Over the past several years Prof. Mytnik has been dealing with establishing uniqueness for different classes of stochastic partial differential equations. 

Prtof. Mytnik was elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) in 2013. He is a winner of Humboldt Research Award in 2016. 

Selected Publications

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Superprocesses. Interacting particle systems. Stochastic partial differential equations

Stochastic partial differential equations.
Limiting behavior of branching particle systems.

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