Liron Yedidsion is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. His research interests lie at discrete optimization, mainly focusing on supply chain management and scheduling; NP-hard problems; and Approximation algorithms. He did his PhD at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and his Post Doc at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2016 Liron won the ORSIS prize in memory of Prof. Uriel Rothblum for best research. Liron is a Kreitman Fellow and a Fulbright Fellow. Liron was acknowledged numerous times as an outstanding lecture and won the very prestigious Yanai prize for excellence in teaching. He is a visiting professor at MIT, teaching at MIT LGO, the engineering MBA dual degree program. Liron is a member of the Israeli IE&M conference and acted as the chair of the 19th Israeli Industrial Engineering and Management Conference and the Operation Research Conference for research students in memory of Prof. Uriel Rothblum. Liron teaches courses in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Production and Service Operation, Operations Management and Algorithms in Scheduling. Liron was involved in collaborative research projects with Elbit Systems ltd and with Marvell Technology Group Ltd. He also acted as a consultant for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD.

Selected Publications

Yedidsion, L., Shabtay, D., Kaspi, M., 2007, A Bicriteria Approach to Minimize Maximal Lateness and Resource Consumption for Scheduling a Single Machine, Journal of Scheduling. 10 (6), pp. 341-352.

Yedidsion, L., Shabtay, D., Korach, E., Kaspi, M., 2009, A Bicriteria Approach to Minimize Number of Tardy Jobs and Resource Consumption in Scheduling a Single Machine, International Journal of Production Economics. 119 (2), pp.298-307.

Shabtay, D., Gaspar, N., Yedidsion, L., 2010, A Bicriteria Approach to Scheduling a Single Machine with Job Rejection and Positional Penalties, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization. 23 (4), pp. 395-424.

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Shabtay, D., Steiner, G., Yedidsion, L., 2010, A Bicriteria Approach to Minimize Maximal Tardiness and Due Date Assignment Cost in Various Scheduling Environments, Discrete Applied Mathematics. 158 (10), pp. 1090-1103.

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Yedidsion, L., 2012, Bicriteria and Tricriteria Analysis to Minimize Maximum Lateness Makespan and Resource Consumption for Scheduling a Single Machine, Journal of Scheduling. 15(6), pp. 665-679.

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Gilenson, M., Hassoun, M., Yedidsion, L., 2014, Setting defect charts control limits to balance cycle time and yield for a tandem production line, Computers and Operations Research. Computers and Operations Research. 53, pp. 301-308

Mikhaylidi, Y., Naseraldin, H., Yedidsion, L., 2015, Operations Scheduling Under Electricity Time-Varying Prices, International Journal of Production Research. DOI  10.1080/00207543.2015.1058981.

Elalouf, A., Hovav, S., Tsadikovich, D., Yedidsion, L., 2015, Minimizing operational costs by restructuring the blood sample collection chain, Operations Research For Health Care. DOI 10.1016/j.orhc.2015.08.004

Senderovich, A., Weidlich, M., Yedidsion, L., Gal, A.,  Mandelbaum, A., Kadish, A.,  Bunnell C. A., 2016, Conformance Checking and Performance Improvement in Scheduled Processes based on Queueing Networks, Information Systems. DOI 10.1016/j.is.2016.01.002


Technion courses

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management, MBA. Taught both in English and Hebrew.
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics, undergraduate level.
  • Production and Service Operation, undergraduate level.
  • Introduction to Scheduling, graduate and undergraduate levels. Taught both in English and Hebrew.

MIT courses (visiting professor possition)

  • System Optimization and Analysis. MBA. Taught  in English.


Computational complexity NP-hard problems Approximation algorithms Discrete optimization Scheduling Multiobjective optimization Robust scheduling Optimization of mean reverting price processes

Contact Info

Room 402 Bloomfield Building