Prof. Penn has a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Statistics from the Hebrew University. Her M.Sc. and Ph.D. are in Operations Research, from the Technion. After graduation, in 1988, she spent two years as a visiting assistant professor in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration of The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and since
1992 she is at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion

At the Technion Prof. Penn has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Combinatorial Optimization, Statistics, Probability, Logistics, Integer Programing and Discrete Mathematics. She was the head of the students-faculty committee at the Technion and in IE&M she served as the Operations Research area head and as the advanced studies coordinator.

Prof. Penn has been a member of the ORSIS (The Israeli Operations Research Society) council since 2003 and served as ORSIS treasurer and president.

Selected Publications

Korach, E. and M. Penn, "Tight Integral Duality-Gap in the Chinese Postman Problem", Mathematical Programming, Vol. 55, 183-191, 1992.

Avriel, M., M. Penn and N. Shpirer, "Container Ship Stowage Problem:            Complexity and Connection to the Coloring of Circle Graphs”, Discrete Applied   Mathematics, Vol. 103, 271-279, 2000.

Nutov, Z. and M. Penn, "On Integrality, Stability and Composition of Dicycle     Packings and Covers", Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, Vol. 4, 2, 235-251, 2000.

Boudoukh, T., M. Penn and G. Weiss, ”Scheduling Jobshop with Some Identical or Similar Jobs”, Journal of Scheduling, Vol 4, 4, July-August, 177-199, 2001.

 Dubrovsky, O., G. Levitin and M. Penn, "A Genetic Algorithm with a Compact Solution Encoding for the Container Ship Stowage Problem”, Journal of Heuristics, Vol. 8, 6, 585-600, 2002.

Cook, W.D., B. Golany, M. Kress, M. Penn and T. Raviv, “Optimal Allocation of     Proposal to Reviewers to Facilitate Effective Ranking”,  Management Science, Vol. 54, 655-661, 2005.

 Penn, M. and T. Raviv, “Optimizing the Quality Control Station Configuration Using Fluid Approximation”, Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 54, 301-314, 2007.

 Penn M., M. Polukarov and M. Tennenholtz "Congestion Games with Load Dependent Failures: Identical Resources", Games and Economic Behaviour,  Vol. 67 (1), 156-173, 2009.

Penn M., M. Polukarov and M. Tennenholtz, "Random Order Congestion Games", Mathematics of Operations Research,  Vol. 34 (3), 706-725, 2009.

Golany B., M. Kress, M. Penn and U. Rothblum, “Network Optimization Models for Allocation in Developing Military Counter Measures”. Operations Research, Vol. 60, 48-63, 2012.


combinatorial optimization, integer programming, approximation algorithms, heuristics, routing, scheduling, algorithmic game theory.

Combinatorial optimization, algorithms, graph theory

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