Associate Professor Oren Louidor is a member of the Probability andStatistics group in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering andManagement at the Technion since 2013. He holds a BSc. in ComputerScience from the Technion, an MSc. in Operations Research from theTechnion and a PhD in Mathematics from the Courant Institute ofMathematical Sciences of NYU (2010). Prior to joining the Technion,Prof. Louidor spent three years as a Simons Fellow at the Departmentof Mathematics of UCLA.

Selected Publications

Extreme local extrema of two-dimensional discrete Gaussian free field (with M. Biskup). Submitted (arXiv:1306.2602). arXiv.

Isoperimetry in two dimensional percolation (with Marek Biskup, Eviatar Procaccia and Ron Rosenthal). Submitted (arXiv:1211.0745). arXiv.

Distributional Large Deviations in the Branching Random Walk (with William Perkins). Submitted (arXiv:1206.5017). arXiv.

The Williams Bjerknes Model on Regular Trees (with Ran Tessler and Alexander Vandenberg-Rodes). To appear in Annals of Applied Probability. arXiv.

Trapping in the Random Conductance Model (with Marek Biskup, Alex Rozinov and Alexendar Vandenberg-Rode). Journal of Statistical Physics: Volume 150, Issue 1 (2013), Page 66-87. arXiv.

Glauber dynamics for the mean field Potts model (with Paul Cuff, Jian Ding, Eyal Lubetzki, Yuval Peres and Allan Sly). Journal of Statistical Physics: Volume 149, Issue 3 (2012), Page 432-477. arXiv.

Directed polymers in random environment with heavy tails (with Antonio Auffinger). Communications On Pure and Applied Mathematics, 64 183-204(2011) arXiv.

Finite connections for super-critical Bernoulli bond percolation in 2D (with Dmitry Ioffe and Massimo Campanino). Anniversary issue of Mark. Proc. Rel. Fields 16, 225-266 (2010). arXiv.

Fixation for distributed clustering processes (with Marcelo R. Hilario, Charles M. Newman, Leonardo T. Rolla, Scott Sheffield and Vladas Sidoravicius). Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, 63 926- 934 (2010) arXiv. • [0] Pinning phenomena and models of directed polymers Preprint (MSc. Thesis). PDF.


Rigorous mathematical analysis of probabilistic models, which arise in fields such as physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics and more.

Logarithmically correlated fields: extremal structure, induced static and dynamic Gibbs distribution, connections with Liouville quantum gravity, Gaussian multiplicative chaos and branching random walks.
Classical statistical mechanics models: Percolation, Ising, Potts, etc.
Non-linear interacting particle systems on lattices and trees, e.g., zero-temperature Glauber dynamics.

Contact Info

Room 306 Bloomfield Building