Hovav Perets is a faculty member in Economics at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He works in the areas of Public Economics and Cooperative and Noncooperative Game Theory. His most recent research focuses on the relationships between cooperative solutions and noncooperative solutions in economies with public goods or pollution. 

Selected Publications

Perets, H. and Sonsino, D. (1999), "On Preplay Negotiation and Zero-Sum Betting", International Game Theory Review Vol. 1, no. 2, 192–196

Perets, H., Shitovitz, B., and M. Spiegel (May 2012). "Trading Equilibrium in a Public Good Economy with Smooth Preferences and a Mixed Measure Space of Consumers", Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol. 48, no. 3, 163–169.

Perets, H., and Shitovitz, B. (2013). Strategic interactions and atoms’ power in public goods economies. Recherches Economiques de Louvain, special issue, Vol. 79, no. 4, 33–44



Hovav deals mainly in economies with public goods, as a platform through which to examine the relationships between cooperative solutions and noncooperative solutions. During his research he found out some very interesting phenomena: 1. The existence of rich traders in the market can help the small traders, compared to a situation where there is no large traders. 2. You can get better results in cooperative economies compared to the results of noncooperative economies. He tries to extend these results to situations in which information is asymmetric.

Contact Info

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