Selected Publications

Hesse, R., Luke, D. R., Sabach, S. and Tam, M. K.: Proximal Heterogeneous Block ImplicitExplicit Method and Application to Blind Ptychographic Diffraction Imaging, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 8 (2015), 426--457.

Drori, Y., Sabach, S. and Teboulle, M.: A simple algorithm for a class of nonsmooth convex-concave saddle-point problems, Operations Research Letters 43 (2015), 209--214.

Beck, A. and Sabach, S.: Weiszfeld's method: old and new results, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 164 (2015), 1--40.

Beck, A. and Sabach, S.: A first order method for finding minimal norm-like solutions of convex optimization problems, Mathematical Programming (Ser. A) 147 (2014), 25--46.

Bolte, J., Sabach, S. and Teboulle, M.: Proximal alternating linearized minimization for nonconvex and nosmooth problems, Mathematical Programming (Ser. A)146 (2014), 459--494.

Beck, A. and Sabach, S.: An improved ellipsoid method for solving convex differentiable optimization problems, Operations Research Letters 40 (2012), 541--545.

Burachik, R. S., Kaya, C. Y. and Sabach, S.: A generalized univariate Newton method motivated by proximal regularization, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 155 (2012), 923--940.




Algorithms for continuous optimization. Large scale (non-)smooth and (non-)convex optimization. Rate of convergence analysis of optimization algorithms. Applications in engineering and science.

Continuous optimization

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