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Increased sensitivity to changes in the environment during post-decision phase

By Rina Shtein-Meshulami
Location Bloomfield 527
Academic Program: BS
Tuesday 02 July 2019, 12:00 - 12:30

Are people more sensitive to changes in the environment following a decision, in an attempt to pinpoint the results of their decision? Currently, the attention processes involved in the post-decision phase are unclear. In this study, we examined whether the decision itself influenced the attention deployment, and if so, whether this attention was deployed with high or low selectivity. Subjects were exposed to stimuli that were relevant to the task alongside irrelevant stimuli. After they had made a decision, we examined the attention and selection of the decision makers by measuring the success rate in reporting the irrelevant stimuli, which is normally impaired as a result of task relevance due to high selectivity. Preliminary results showed a trend in the direction of increased sensitivity to changes in the environment in the post-decision phase; having made a decision, subjects accurately reported more non-task-related stimuli.