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The influence of pre-briefing/debriefing on team cognition and performance in simulator-based training

By Inna Habouba Belinki
Location Zoom
Academic Program: BS
Wednesday 27 May 2020, 12:30 - 13:30

Team cognition is essential to teamwork and to team performance. Team cognition evolves through communication and teamwork and can be facilitated through training. Simulation-based-training (SBT) systems have been designed to improve team cognition and team performance by improving participation in social, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of teamwork and by providing feedback. A common way to convey feedback to trainees is by briefing methods. Pre-briefing and debriefing can improve teamwork and team performance and enhance team cognition. However, it is unclear how such methods in SBT can effectively facilitate team cognition, and under which circumstances.

This research proposes mechanisms underlying the associations between pre/de-briefing in SBT, team cognition, and teamwork, and explores these associations. Moreover, team cognition is suggested as a mediator between pre/de-briefing methods and team performance. The mechanisms that are applied through pre-briefing and debriefing, were designed to improve team cognition, and thereby team performance. The first part of the research explores the simulator-triggered debriefing mechanism and its effect on team cognition and team performance in SBT of project management. The second part explores the team cognition priming mechanism that was implemented through pre-briefing, and its effect on team cognition and performance in SBT of command-and-control. The final part of the research explores team communication behaviors as indicators of team cognitive processes. Communication analysis indicated association between team cognition priming through pre-briefing and team cognitive processes.