The Entrepreneurship Workshop for Research Students - EWRS ran over the course of the winter semester of 2019-20. A long pre-semester session was held Sep 2019, followed by 10 sessions over the course of the semester.
The audience was a mix of Technion MSC, PHD students and 2 postdoc fellows. All together 20 students with representation to many faculties: Civil Eng., EE, IE&M, CS, Medicine, Physics, Architecture and Mech.Eng.
The students split into 4 working groups to develop a novel business plan throughout the workshop.
Topics covered: Opportunity selection, IP, financing, marketing, presentation skills, etc.
Sessions involved academic presentation + use cases (typically by a guest lecturer) and team work.

We have asked our students what was the workshop's main contribution. Here are some of the responses we got:

1. This program is something really different from traditional courses. I think that the main contribution is “a bit of anything” regarding entrepreneurship (aspects of it: research, market, patents, presentation skills, etc.), so I know ‘what is out there’.
2. Business relationships with EWRS lecturers
3. Hearing from people which went through an entrepreneurship path through various aspects.
4. Mainly hearing the professionals, that is, the VCs, IP lawyers, the "Sharks" at the closing sessions, and the presentation skills session.
5. Clear understanding of the obstacles facing a young company/entrepreneur in order to get to the market