Assoc. Prof. Jacob Rubinovitz


Selected Publications

  • Books (or chapters in books)

    • Shimon Y.Nof (editor) Handbook of Industrial Robotics wrote Chapter 37 :CAD and Graphic Simulators/Emulators of Robotic Systems
    • Bidanda and Cleland (editors) The-Automated Factory Handbook Technology and Management
    • (In Hebrew) Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Introduction and content calculation, digital control
    • Survey on the Penetration of Advanced Production Systems and Factory Automation into the Israeli Industry (along with other scientists), including Z'eev Bonen

    Selected articles

    • Design and Balancing of Robotic Assembly Lines 
    • Genetic Algorithm for the Robotic Assembly Plan Problem
    • Task level off-line programming system for robotic arc welding – an overview. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 7(4), 293–299. 
    • Off-line computer-aided path planning system for an arc-welding robot 
    • Heuristic algorithm for the generalized group technology problem 
    • Analysis of Robot Motion Performance and Implications to Economy Principles 
    • A genetic algorithm for robotic assembly line balancing
    • Genetic algorithm for linear and cyclic assignment problem
    • Using learning theory in assembly lines for new products 
    • A weighted approach for assembly line design with station paralleling and equipment selection 
    • RALB – A Heuristic Algorithm for Design and Balancing of Robotic Assembly Lines


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