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Behavioral Science and Management


Anat Rafaeli  holds the Yigal Alon Chair for the Study of People at Work in the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology. She completed her PhD studies at the Ohio State University and was a post-doctorate visiting fellow at Stanford University after which she joined the faculty of The Hebrew University. She has also been a faculty member at The University of Michigan, and since 2000 she has been a professor in the faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Technion. Anat’s research examines emotions felt and displayed in organizations, organizational artifacts (e.g., workstation design, organizational logos, or employee dress), hiring and recruiting processes, and service interactions between employees and customers. 


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Selected Publications 

pdfRafaeli, A, Westphal, M,, A Patient-Centered Information System (myED) for EmergencyCare Journeys: Design, Development, and Initial Adoption, (JMIR Form Res 2020;4(2):e16410)

pdfRafaeli, A, Treister, D. E.,, How psychology might alleviate violence in queues: Perceived future wait and perceived load moderate violence against service providersqueues: Perceived future wait and perceived load moderate violence against service providers, Publisher: Public Library of Science
2019 vol: 14 (7)

pdfRafaeli, A, et al, Studying Emotions in Service in the Digital Age (2020)

Rafaeli, A., Ashtar, S., & Altman, D. (2019). Digital Traces: New Data, Resources, and Tools for Psychological-Science Research. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 28(6), 560–566.Current Directions in Psychological Science, 28(6), 560–566.

Rafaeli et al, Digital Traces: New Data, Resources and Tools for Psychological Science Research, Current Directions Psychological Science (2019)

pdfEmotion and Broadcasted Service Quality in Twitter Service Delivery. Working Paper

pdfRafaeli, A., Altman, D., Yom-Tov, G.B. (2019). Cognitive and Emotional Load Influence Response Time of Service Agents: A Large Scale Analysis of Chat Service Conversations. Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. In press.

pdfGalit B. Yom-Tov, Shelly Ashtar, Daniel Altman, Michael Natapov, Neta Barkay, Monika Westphal, and Anat Rafaeli. 2018. Customer Sentiment in Web-Based Service Interactions: Automated Analyses and New Insights. In WWW ’18 Companion: The 2018 Web Conference Companion, April 23–27, 2018, Lyon, France. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 9 pages. 1145/3184558.3191628

J.Herzig, G.Feigenblat, M.Shmueli-Scheuer, D.Konopnicki and A.Rafaeli, Predicting Customer Satisfaction in Customer Support Conversations in Social Media Using Affective Features, (2016) UMAP Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on User Modeling Adaptation and Personalization

Henkel, A., B?gershausen, J., Rafaeli, A., & Lemmink, J. (2016). When a marketplace interaction becomes a social interaction: Observer reactions to customer incivility. Journal of Service Research.

Rafaeli, A., & Altman, D. (2016). Emotion in frontline service: Concerns and reconsiderations. Journal of Service Research.

Rafaeli, A., Erez, A. Ravid, S., Derfler R. and Rozilio, R. Encountering rudeness: Effects on employee emotion and cognition.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 2012.

Alicia Grandey, Anat Rafaeli et al, Emotion display rules at work in the global service economy: the special case of the customer, Journal of Service Management, 2010.

Rafaeli, A., Sagi, Y. and Derfler,  R. Logos and initial compliance: A strong case of mindless trust. Organization Science, 2008. 

Hareli, S. and Rafaeli, A. Emotion Cycles: On the social influence of emotion in organizations. Research in Organizational Behavior, 2008.

Rafaeli, A. Sense-making of employment: On whether and why people read employment advertising.  Journal of Organizational Behavior,  2006.

Rafaeli, A. and Vilnai-Yavetz, I.  Emotion as a connection of physical artifacts and organizations. Organization Science, 2004.

Rafaeli, A. and Sutton, R.I.  The expression of emotion as part of the work role. Academy of Management Review, 1987.

Pratt, M.G. and Rafaeli, A.  Symbols as a language of organizational relating work. Research in Organizational Behavior, 2001.

Rafaeli, A. and Pratt, M.G.  Tailored meanings: On the meaning and impact of organizational dress.  Academy of Management Review, 1993.

Sutton, R. and Rafaeli, A.  Untangling the relationship between emotion work and organizational sales: The case of convenience stores.  Academy of Management Journal, 1988.

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Emotions in organizations, anger and conflict in organizations, symbols and artifacts in organizations, management and dynamics of service interactions and connecting psychological dynamics to service operations.

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