Prof Emer. Mordecai Avriel

Operations Research and Optimization



Mordecai Avriel is Professor Emeritus of Operations Research in the Faculty. In 1995-2010 he was Director of Analytic Development at Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv. He is a former Dean of the Faculty and was the incumbent of the Abraham Tulin Endowed Chair. Professor Avriel has been named in 2006 a Fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS).
He is the recipient of the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award of the Operations Research Society of Israel.

He has held visiting academic appointments in the USA at Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, as well as in Canada, Belgium, and Singapore. His industrial experience includes employment with Bechtel Corporation, Mobil Oil, Electric Power Research Institute, Bank of America, Alliance Capital Management, Bank Hapoalim; and consulting to Goldman, Sachs & Co., General Bank of Israel, Zim Navigation Lines, Israel Ministry of Energy, Israel Electric Corporation, and several other industrial companies. Served as member of the Board of Directors of TIM - Technion Institute of Management, and Israel Oil Refineries Ltd.

He is the author or editor of seven books and over seventy articles on such subjects as operations research, mathematical modeling and programming, optimization, and policy analysis. Has directed international conferences and study institutes by invitation of NATO and UNESCO and serves on the editorial boards of three professional journals.

Served as Council Member of the International Mathematical Programming Society, and is a former President of the Operations Research Society of Israel.

Selected Publications

  • Avriel, M., Dantzig, G.B. and Glynn, P.W. (1990), Decomposition and Parallel Processing for Large-Scale Electric Power System Planning Under Uncertainty, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Resource Planning Under Uncertainty for Electric Power Systems, G.B. Dantzig and P.W. Glynn, eds., 9--33.

  • Avriel, M. (1992), Optimization Tools for the Financial Manager's Desk, in Financial Optimization, S. Zenios, ed., Cambridge University Press.

  • Breiner, A., and Avriel, M. (1994), "On the Solution of Quantitative Policy Analysis Models Using Bi-Level Programming", Journal of Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 28, 179-195.

  • Avriel, M. and Golany, B. (eds.) (1996), Mathematical Programming for Industrial Engineers, Marcel Dekker Publishing, Inc.

  • Schweitzer, E. and Avriel, M. (1997), "A Gaussian Upper Bound for Gaussian Multi-Stage Stochastic Linear Programs", Mathematical Programming, 77, 1-21.

  • Avriel, M., Penn, M., Shpirer, N., and Witteboon, S. (1998), "Stowage Planning for Container Ships to Reduce the Number of Shifts", Annals of Operations Research, 76, 55-71.

  • Breiner, A., and Avriel, M. (1999) "A Two-Stage Approach for Quantitative Policy Analysis Using Bi-level Programming", J. of Optimization Theory and Applications, 100, 15-27.

  • Avriel, M., and Reisman, H. (2000), "Optimal Option Portfolios in Markets with Position Limits and Margin Requirements", Journal of Risk, 2, 57-67.

  • Avriel, M., Pri-Zan, H., Meiri, R. and Peretz, A. (2004), "Opti-Money at Bank Hapoalim: A Model-Based Investment Decision-Support System for Individual Customers", Interfaces, 34, 39-50.

  • Avriel, M., Diewert, W.E., Schaible, S., and Zang, I. (2010), Generalized Concavity, SIAM Classics in Mathematics, SIAM Publications.

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