Dmitry Ioffe (Professor)


Dima Ioffe received an  M.Sc. in  System Engineering  from Moscow Mining Institute. Shortly after his repatriation to Israel in 1987, he joined the graduate program at the Department of Mathematics, Technion, from which he received a D.Sc. degree in Mathematics. Following his graduation in 1991, he held visiting positions at UC Davis (1991-92), Courant Institute at the NYU (1992-93) and Northwestern University (1993-95). In 1995, he joined the group "Interacting Random Systems" at the Weierstrass Institute of Applied Mathematics and Stochastics in Berlin. He returned to Israel in 1997 to assume a position at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion.

Selected Publications

Ioffe, D., Ott, S., Velenik, Y. and Wachtel, V., Invariance principle for a Potts interface along a wall, to appear in J. Statistical Physics.

Ioffe, D. and Toth, B. Split and Merge in Stationary Random Stirring on Lattice Torus, to appear in J. Statistical Physics.

Caputo, P., Ioffe, D. and Wachtel V. (2019), Tightness and line ensembles for Brownian polymers under geometric area tilts,  Statistical Mechanics of Classical and Disordered Systems, pp. 241-266. Springer Proceedings in Math. and Stat. 293.

Caputo, P., Ioffe, D. and Wachtel V. (2019), Confinement of Brownian polymers under geometric area tilts, Electron. J. Probab. 24,  37, 1–21.

Ioffe, D. and  Shlosman,  S. (2019),  Formation of facets for an effective model of crystal growth, Sojourns in Probability Theory and Statistical Physics-I, pp. 199-245. Springer Proceedings in Math. and Stat. 299

Ioffe, D. and Velenik, Y. (2018), Low temperature interfaces: Prewetting, layering, faceting and Ferrari-Spohn diffusions,  Mark. Proc. Rel. Fields 24, 487--537.

Bovier, A., Ioffe, D. and Muller, P. (2018), The hydrodynamic limit for local mean-field dynamics with unbounded spins, Journal of Statistical Physics, 1--24.

Ioffe, D, Velenik, Y. and Wachtel, V. (2017),  Dyson Ferrari-Spohn diffusions and ordered walks under area tilts, Probab. Theory Relat. Fields. 170(1), 11--47.

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Limit theorems of Probability theory; applications to classical and quantum Statistical Mechanics. Phase segregation, large-scale interacting particle systems. Polymers in random environment. Random perturbations of dynamical systems, metastability and homogenization

Stochastic geometry of classical and quantum models of statistical mechanics.
Phase transitions, phase segregation, interacting particle systems, metastability.
Percolation, polymers and random walks in a random environment.

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