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Professor Dov Dori is Harry Lebensfeld Chair in Industrial Engineering and Head of the Enterprise System Modeling Laboratory at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Since 2000 he has been intermittently Visiting Professor at MIT, where he is currently Lecturer at the Systems Design and Management Program. He received his PhD in Computer Science in 1988 from Weizmann Institute of Science, MSc in Operations Research from Tel Aviv University in 1981, and BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Technion in 1975. His research interests include model-based systems engineering, conceptual modeling of complex systems, systems architecture and design, software and systems engineering, and systems biology. Prof. Dori invented and developed Object-Process Methodology (OPM), recently adopted as ISO 19450. He has authored over 300 publications, including journal and conference papers, books, and book chapters. Prof. Dori has mentored over 50 graduate students. He is co-chair of the IEEE SMC TC on Model-Based Systems Engineering and chaired or was co-chair of nine international conferences and workshops. Among his editorial duties, Prof. Dori was Associate Editor of IEEE Transaction on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, and currently he is Associate Editor of Systems Engineering. He is Fellow of INCOSE – International Council on Systems Engineering, Fellow of IAPR – International Association for Pattern Recognition, Member of Omega Alpha Association – International Honor Society for Systems Engineering, and Senior Member of IEEE and of ACM. 

Selected Publications

Mor Peleg, Judith Somekh, and Dov Dori, A Methodology for Eliciting and Modeling Exceptions. Journal of Biomedical Informatics 42

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Amira Sharon and Dov Dori, A Project-Product Model-Based Approach to Planning Work Breakdown Structures of Complex System Projects. IEEE Systems Journal, 2014, Digital Object Identifier:

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Judith Somekh, Gal Haimovich, Adi Guterman, Dov Dori, and Mordechai Choder, Conceptual Modeling of mRNA Decay Provokes New Hypotheses. PLOS ONE, Sept. 2014. PLoS ONE 9(9): e107085. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0107085.

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Yaniv Mordecai, Ori Orhof, and Dov Dori, A Conceptual Modeling Framework for Interconnectivity and Interoperability. IEEE Transactions On Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems 1, 2016.



model-based systems engineering
• conceptual modeling of complex systems
systems architecture and design
• software and systems engineering
systems biology
Modeling of complex systems, object process methodology, and software and systems engineering.
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