Asst Prof. Edith Shalev

Behavioral Science and Management

Selected Publications

Greenleaf, Eric A., Johnson, Eric J., Morwitz, V. G. and Shalev, Edith (2015), "The Price does not Include Additional Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges: A Review of Research on Partitioned Pricing," Journal of Consumer Psychology, doi: 10.1016/j.jcps.2015.04.006

Shalev, Edith and Vicki G. Morwitz (2013), "Does Time Fly When You're Counting Down? The Effect of Counting Direction on Subjective Time Judgments," Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 23(2), 220-227.

Shalev, Edith and Vicki G. Morwitz (2012), "Influence via Comparison-Driven Self Evaluation and Restoration: The Case of the Low-Status Influencer," Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 38(5), 964-980. 


Consumer Behavior
Social Influence
Social hierarchy

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