Assoc. Prof. Ayala Cohen



Professor Ayala Cohen is the Head of the Statistics Laboratory that operates within the Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd. and is part of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management. Its staff includes in addition to Professor Cohen, two statisticians, with a Ph.D degree, and Professor Paul D. Feigin, who serves as a consultant.

Professor Ayala Cohen is an applied statistician. She received her Ph.D. degree in statistics at the Johns Hopkins University in 1967. Throughout all her years at the Technion, she worked with researchers in various disciplines and, while publishing joint papers, also wrote methodological papers in statistical journals on the techniques which she developed. Her publications include joint papers with researchers in various areas, such as Behavioral Sciences and Medicine, as well as papers in statistical journals. Professor Cohen has a continuous cooperation with medical doctors and consulted for Teva Pharmaceuticals. She is a past president of the Israel Statistical Society and was a member of the advisory committee for statistical methodology nominated by the National Statistical Council. She is an expert in Applied Multivariate Analysis, Hierarchical Modeling, Biostatistics


Selected Publications


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Applied Statistics, Graphical Methods, Hierarchical Data, Bio-statistics