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Prof. Issachar Gilad is a member of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at Technion—Israel Institute of Technology where, for the past 35 years, he has headed the Work Study & Ergonomics Laboratory.  His professional interests are in the areas of Methods Engineering and Ergonomics.  He is involved in the design of Man-Machine Processes, Systems Productivity, Human Performance Analysis, Occupational Biomechanics, and Rehabilitation Engineering.  Dr. Gilad received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion, and Ph.D. degree in Ergonomics and BioMechanics from the New York University.  Over the years he has been invited as a Visiting Professor and Research Scholar to the Univ. of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Penn State Univ. in the USA, National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and Cambridge University in the UK. Dr. Gilad is the former Chairman of the Israel Ergonomics Society.  He is active on International Advisory Boards, Member of numerous Editorial Boards in Scientific Journals in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics.  His academic record encompasses about 120 publications in Professional journals and peer-reviewed book chapters.  He participated in about 70 international conferences, as organizer and speaker.  Dr. Gilad supervised 26 students in research theses in engineering, at the Master and Doctor of Science levels in Israel and in the USA.

Selected Publications

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Sadai E. P. and Gilad I., Harnessing an ergonomic solution for prolonged flights sitting, accepted for publication in Ergonomics in Design, 2014.


Design for Efficiency in Manufacturing Processes Design of man-machine systems Manual material handling Lifting analysis for homogeneous and non-homogeneous loads Architecture of expert systems on ergonomic intervention Effect of job complexity in learning processes Methodologies for functional ergonomics in repetitive work Advanced work-measurement, computerized systems Performance evaluation and control in hi-tech operations Planning for productivity and processes Efficiency of facilities and manpower in hospitals

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