Dr. Izack Cohen (Research Fellow)

Industrial Engineering


I am a visiting lecturer in the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty at the Technion, Israel.

My B.Sc is in Chemical Engineering, my M.Sc in Materials Engineering and my Ph.D in Industrial Engineering and Management, all from the Technion.

My current research focus includes project management, health service management with focus on elderly people, and supply chain management of mission critical systems.

Before joining the Technion I held senior logistics and engineering management roles in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Throughout the years I consulted to various organizations and promoted various (academic and community-oriented) initiatives. 


My most used links:

World Wide Project Management Institute https://www.pmi.org/ העמותה העולמית לניהול פרויקטים

Israeli Project Management Association: http://www.pmi.org.il/ העמותה הישראלית לניהול פרויקטים

Geriatric Unit in the Israeli Ministry of Health אגף גריאטריה במשרד הבריאות

משרד הרווחה-מידע לגיל השלישי

Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics הלשכה המרכזית לסטטיסטיקה

חיפוש מקומות דיור לגיל השלישי בישראל

Google Scholar Citations for Izack Cohen


Project management (095140)

Introduction to industrial engineering (094100)

Industrial engineering research topics (098113) - a graduate level course


Project management and new product development Supply chains of repairable parts Service engineering for healthcare Decision making: theory and application Innovative maintenance methods: predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance

Contact Info

Room 508 Bloomfield Building