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Shlomo Maital is the Academic Director of TIM-Technion Institute of Management, Israel's leading executive leadership development institute and a pioneer in action-learning methods.  He was summer Visiting Professor for 20 years in MIT Sloan School of Management's Management of Technology M.Sc. program, teaching over 1,000 R&D engineers from 40 countries.  He is the author co-author or editor of 8 books, including Innovation Management (Sage, 2007);  Executive Economics (The Free Press), translated into seven languages, and Managing New Product Development & Innovation.  He is co-editor of a new journal, International Journal of Technology &Innovation Management Education.  He was co-founder of SABE-Societyfor Advancement of Behavioral Economics.  He has published over 80 scholarly articles in refereed journals.    He has written guest editorials for Barron's, and writes regular columns for The Marker (Haaretz business daily) and Jerusalem Report (fortnightly).  He served as Director of the National & Economic Planning Authority, Economics Ministry, Government of Israel.    He has taught managers from 200 Israeli companies.  His research currently focuses on profit-driven innovation -- how to combine creativity and discipline to achieve marketplace success. 


 Shlomo Maital is married, with four children and eight grandchildren. He is an avid jogger and completed the New York marathon in 1985 in 3 hours and 51 minutes, and in April, completed the Boston marathon in about 5 hours.

Selected Publications

  • Shlomo Maital, Minds, Markets and Money: Psychological Foundations of Economic Behavior, Basic Books: New York, 1982, x + 310 pages. (hardcover and paperback). (reviewed in: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Barron's Business Week, New Republic, Newsday, Contemporary Psychology) 
  • Shlomo Maital and Sharone L. Maital, Economic Games People Play. Basic Books: New York, 1985, xii + 339 pages (reviewed in the New York Times Book Review). 
  • Shlomo Maital. Executive Economics: Ten Essential Tools for Managers. The Free Press: New York, June 1994, 300 pages. foreign language edition: Coste, Precio, Valor (Ediciones Deusto: Bilbao, Spain, November 1995). translated into Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Korean. 
  • H. Grupp and S. Maital. Managing New Product Development and Innovation: A Microeconomic Toolbox.Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.: Cheltenham, UK, Dec. 2000, 330 Pages.
  • S. Maital, A. Pierides. Reinventing Cyprus: The Role of Enterprise in the Era of Innovation. Nicosia, Cyprus: Dec. 2003.
  • S. Maital. D.V.R. Seshadri. Innovation Management: Strategies, Concepts and Tools for Growth and Profit. SAGE India (Response Books), Dec. 2006.


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