Monika Westphal



Monika Westphal has a B.A. in Business Administration with Tourism and Hospitality Management, from the Dual State University Ravensburg in Germany. While studying her first degree, she worked as a trainee in various departments in a 5-stars luxury hotel in Bavaria, Germany. After finishing her first degree in 2014, she decided to study her second degree in Israel. Before she came to the Technion, she took several research and statistic courses, as well as psychology-related courses at the IDC in Herzliya, and studied Hebrew intensively. In October 2015, Monika was accepted as a regular graduate student in Behavioral Marketing at the Technion. Monika’s research focuses on customer wait, abandonment decisions, and customer emotion in service interactions. She joined the SEE-Lab team at the end of 2015 and currently works on her thesis on "Abandonment in Online Waiting: An Experimental Study on the Role of Information about Estimated Wait Time", advised by Prof. Anat Rafaeli and Dr. Galit B. Yom-Tov.


Altman, D., Cohen, D., Rafaeli, A., Tepper, N., Yom-Tov, G., Westphal, M., … Zucker, H. The Influence of Customer Emotions in Chat-Service Operations. In: SERVSIG 2016. Maastricht, The Netherlands. (2016).

 Rafaeli, A., Yom-Tov, G., Altman, D., Ashtar, S., & Westphal, M. (2016). Data-driven Studies of Emotion-Behavior Interplay in C2B2C Written Interactions. In AOL Connected Experience 2016. New York, NY.


The effect of information about wait and actual wait on the likelihood to abandon, silent abandonment and emotion