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Yale T. Herer, B.S. (1986), M.S. (1990), Ph.D. (1990), Cornell University, Department of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. Yale is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology and is serving as Head of the Industrial Engineering Area. Yale joined the Technion in 1990 immediately after the completion of his graduate studies. In 1997 Yale moved to the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tel-Aviv University and in 2001 he returned to the Technion and has been there ever since. During the 2004–2005 academic year he spent a sabbatical at Northwestern University in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences. During the 2011–2012 academic year, he spent the fall semester on sabbatical at INSEAD in the Technology and Operations Management Area.

Yale also briefly visited Cornell University in the Department of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering in the summer of 2000. He has worked for several industrial concerns,both as a consultant and as an advisor to project groups. Yale is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS), Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), and the Operations Research Society of Israel (ORSIS). He currently servesas treasurer of ORSIS. He also serves as an Associate Editor for Naval Research Logisticsand has served on the editorial staff of IIE Transactions and Operations Research Letters.

Yale has successfully planned and executed two conferences. In 2006, he chaired the localconference for ORSIS, and in 2010 he chaired the annual conference for the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society (MSOM) of INFORMS. MSOM is the largest subdivision of INFORMS. Yale’s research interest can be broadly defined as covering Production Planning and Control. More recently Yale has focused his research on the area of Supply Chain Management, especially when integrated with transshipments or other responsive operational activities. Yale has won various prizes including a 1996 IIE Transactions Best Paper Award, the 2002 Mitchner Award in Quality Sciences and Quality Management,a 2008 IBM Faculty Award, and most recently INFORMS’ 2013 Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice.

Selected Publications

Y. T. Herer and R. Roundy. “Heuristics for a One Warehouse Multi-Retailer Distribution Problem with Performance Bounds.” Operations Research, 45, 1997 (102–115).

Y. T. Herer. “Submodularity and the Traveling Salesman Problem.” European Journal of Operational Research, 114, 1999 (489–508).

E. M. Dar-El, Y. T. Herer, and M. Masin. “CONWIP-Based Production Lines with Multiple Bottlenecks: Performance and Design Implications.” IIE Transactions, 31, 1999 (99–111).

Y. T. Herer and A. Rashit. “Lateral Stock Transshipments in a Two-Location Inventory System with Fixed and Joint Replenishment Costs.” Naval Research Logistics, 46, 1999 (525–547).

Y. T. Herer and L. Shalom. “The Kanban Assignment Problem — A Non-Integral Approach.” European Journal of Operational Research, 120, 2000 (260–276).

Y. T. Herer and T. Raz. “Optimal Amount of Parallel Inspection for Finding the First Non- conforming Unit in a Batch — An Information Theoretic Approach.” Management Science, 46, 2000 (845–857).

Y. T. Herer and M. Tzur. “Optimal and Heuristic Algorithms for the Multi-Location Dy- namic Transshipment Problem with Fixed Transshipment Costs.” IIE Transactions, 35, 2003 (419–432). This paper was highlighted in the Research Reports section of the magazine Industrial Engineer, April 2003 (49–50).

M. Masin, Y. T. Herer, and E. M. Dar-El. “Design of Self-Regulating Production Control Systems by Tradeoffs Programming.” IIE Transactions, 37, 2005 (217–232).

Y. T. Herer, M. Tzur, and E. Yücesan. “The Multi-Location Transshipment Problem.” IIE Transactions, 38, 2006 (185–200).

H. Naseraldin and Y. T. Herer. “Integrating the number and location of retail outlets on a line with replenishment decisions.” Management Science, 54, 2008 (1666–1683).

Y. Snyder, Y. T. Herer and M. Moore. “A New Engine for Schools: The Flexible Scheduling Paradigm.” Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 40, 2011 (3–18).

Avrahami, Y. T. Herer and R. Levi. “Matching Supply and Demand: Delayed Two-Phase Distribution at Yedioth Group—Models, Algorithms, and Information Technology.” Interfaces, 8, 2013 (96-111).


Supply Chain Management, Transshipments, Responsive operational activities

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