Graduate (ME)

The Program is given in Hebrew

A. Program Description

This program is designed to facilitate in-depth study of industrial engineering and management, with an emphasis on applied engineering, for students with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or sciences, and to encourage industrial engineering and management graduates to continue with or return to their studies. The degree conferred by the program is that of “Master of Engineering,” in industrial engineering and management. Students may choose this general degree, or a degree with a particular specialization selected from the specialization tracks listed below.

B. Admissions Requirements

The program is open to students with a bachelor’s degree from the Technion or any other recognized academic institution with an equivalent undergraduate program in engineering or scientific subjects. Admission to the program will be decided based on each candidate’s individual accomplishments and their academic and professional record. In certain cases, entrance interviews will be held. As a rule, students with a GPA of less than 83 will not be accepted to the program, although certain exceptional cases may be considered by the admissions committee.

C. Supplementary Studies

Students accepted to the program who have not yet completed courses in the supplementary subjects (or equivalent) listed in the table below, will be required to complete these courses or their equivalent. Students who are required to take supplementary courses (“qualifying students”) must attain a grade of at least 78 in each of these courses,[1] and an overall average of at least 80, in order to progress to the status of regular student. Students holding a three-year bachelor’s degree will be required to take supplementary courses, in accordance with the regulations of the Technion Graduate School, to a total of 20 undergraduate academic credits. Additional supplementary requirements may be made, depending on the candidate’s academic record. If students have not taken some or all of the supplementary courses listed below, then these can count toward the aforementioned 20 credits.

Supplementary Courses:

Course Number Course Name Credits
094139 Manage. Logist. System. 3.5
094313 Deterministic Models in Oper.Research 3.5
094314 Stochastic Models in Oper.Research  3.5
094345[2] Discrete Mathematics (for I.E) 4.0
094423 Introduction to Statistics 3.5
095605 Introduction to Psychology 2.5

[1] Students who have taken a supplementary course during their bachelor studies but have received a grade below 78 may be required to retake that course.

[2] Students who are required to take Discrete Mathematics 094345 must do so, and pass the course, in their first semester. If they are required to take only Discrete Mathematics 094345, the required grade is 78. This is true for all specialization tracks.