Graduate (ME)

Terms of Admission

The program is open to candidates with a bachelor’s degree from the Technion or another recognized academic institution with an equivalent level of engineering/science studies.  Candidates are accepted based on their academic and professional background and achievements.  In certain instances, admissions interviews will be conducted.  As a rule, students whose bachelor’s degree GPA is lower than 83 will not be admitted.  Candidates with GPAs lower than 83 may be accepted in exceptional cases.

Supplementary Studies

Students accepted into the program who have not taken the courses listed in the table below (or equivalent courses) will be required to take these courses or their equivalent as supplementary courses.  Students with a supplementary studies requirement status must receive a grade of at least 75 in each supplementary course and an average of at least 80 as conditions for becoming a fully registered student. In accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School, students with a 3-year bachelor’s degree will be required to take supplementary courses until they complete 20 credits of undergraduate courses. The supplementary courses listed below may be used to meet the 20-credit requirement if the student has not previously taken the course or its equivalent. Additional supplementary courses may be required based on the academic background of each candidate. 

Supplementary Courses:

Course No. Course Name Credits
094139 Supply Chain and Logistical Systems Management 3.5
094313  Deterministic Models in Performance Research 3.5
094314  Stochastic Models in Performance Research 3.5
094345* Discrete Mathematics (for I.E) 4.0
094423 Introduction to Statistics 3.5
095605 Industrial Psychology 2.5

In case when the course Discrete Mathematics (for I.E) 094345 is required is should be taken during the first semester. When the requirement is only for Discrete Mathematics (for I.E) then the passing score is 78.