Program Goals and Admissions Requirements

Organizational Psychology – The program provides training in organizational psychology research and practice. Graduates are awarded the degree “Master of Science in Behavioral Science and Management: Organizational Psychology.” The program accepts psychology graduates with an average grade score of 80 and above (due to demand, the average grade score of those accepted to the program in recent years has been over 90). The admissions committee also takes into consideration the grade achieved in the MITAM test (National Psychology Masters Admissions Examination) or the GRE.


Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors Engineering – The program provides training in both research and implementation aspects of cognitive psychology and human factors engineering. Graduates are awarded the degree “Master of Science in Behavioral Science and Management: Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors Engineering.” Admissions requirements are similar to those of the Organizational Psychology program.


Behavioral Marketing – The program provides training in research and implementation in the field of marketing with an emphasis on consumer behavior, behavior and attitude modification, and social networks. Graduates are awarded the degree “Master of Science in Behavioral Science and Management: Marketing.” The program accepts graduates in relevant fields.

Registration for these programs requires completing the registration kit available at the website of the Technion Graduate School: Application forms should be submitted together with a CV, a declaration of intent, and results from the MITAM test or GRE, where available. The admissions process usually includes personal interviews. As well as submitting application forms, applicants should also register at the Israel Psychology Masters Match System website,, and follow the timetable published on the site.

Transferring between programs: It is possible to transfer from one program to another, subject to the student meeting the core course component requirements, and to the agreement of the student’s supervisor and the Area Head. However, students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology are not able to receive degrees from either of the psychology programs, and are restricted to the Behavioral Marketing program.

Program Requirements

Master’s degree studies include a variety of courses to a total of 32 credits points in the psychology programs and 30 credits in the marketing program (26.5 credits for graduates of a four-year bachelor’s degree), as well as a research project and thesis. The curriculum includes required core courses and elective courses (details below). The course timetable for each semester will be decided by each student individually, with the involvement of the student’s supervisor, according to the student’s background and areas of interest. The academic requirements are those that were in force in the year in which the student as accepted to the program. However, the faculty retains the right to add additional academic requirements beyond those set at the time of admission.


Every student must find a thesis supervisor from among the Area faculty. The thesis may be written with supervisors from different programs, even those not involved in the student’s program. For the psychology programs, the supervisor must be trained in psychology. Within 11 months of the start of the program, students must submit a thesis proposal to the faculty secretariat, and send it electronically to all Area faculty members. When the research project is concluded, it must be presented at an Area seminar, and the seminar must be advertised in advance in accordance with Technion regulations, with the involvement of the seminar coordinator. Following the presentation, the thesis will be submitted in accordance with the regulations of the Technion Graduate School, and the student will be examined orally on the thesis, by an examination committee convened by the supervisor.

Transferring to the Doctoral Program

It is possible to transfer from the master’s program to the doctoral program without completing a master’s thesis, as long as this is recommended by the student’s supervisor, and is justified by the student’s research achievements (for example, writing a scientific paper to a high level). In addition to the conditions described in the current document, the regulations and requirements of the Technion Graduate School must be met, as detailed in the fact sheet provided for candidates.


Students with good record of academic achievement (including students new to the Technion) are eligible for a scholarship from the Technion Graduate School. Students who receive scholarships are required to dedicate their time to a research project under the supervision of one of the faculty members, to participate in the weekly Area Seminar, and to be physically present on the Technion campus. Receiving a scholarship limits the student’s right to work elsewhere. In addition to scholarships, students with a high level of academic achievement may apply for a teaching assistant position. 

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