The Technion’s MBA programs are based on two main observations.

The first is that we live in an age of innovation. Today, people with good ideas can make a difference. They can help create a better world, and be rewarded for their contribution.  A significant number of the most important technological inventions were developed by start-up companies – companies built around a single idea. In addition, intra-organizational innovation has become very important for employees in large organizations.

The second observation is that most of us use only a very small part of our abilities. Not all of those who have good ideas are able to successfully develop them. Many careers get stuck in the doldrums. Many people realize only a small part of their potential.

Our programs were designed to help students make the most of their abilities. They are especially suitable for people interested in innovative ideas and in advanced technology, and who are also considering the possibility of an academic career. Technion graduates will feel at home in our programs, but those with no academic background in engineering can also find their place here.

We believe that attaining excellence requires self-realization, and self-realization requires exploration and reinvention. Our programs encourage exploration and new perspectives, through courses given by leading researchers, outstanding lecturers, and experienced entrepreneurs. A large number of the courses use reverse learning: lectures begin with the presentation of a problem, students present their proposed solutions, and only then does the lecturer present the academic or the preferred solution. Those interested in research can also choose to study basic Technion courses.