Data Science and Engineering

 The program is given in Hebrew

Data Science and Engineering 

.The amount of data produced in the world exceeds 2.5 Exabyte a day, communication capabilities increase at a rate of over 30% per year and the amount of information collected increases by 20% annually. The number of data-based applications is large and growing as is the range of fields in which they are applied - medicine, social media, finance, urban planning, smart cities, IOT and more. As a result of the above the demand for Data Experts far exceeds the supply.

 The curriculum of the BSc Data Science and Engineering degree is the first of its kind in the country. This is a prestigious flagship program of the Technion founded in light of the meteoric global development issues relating to work with Big Data and the huge demand for professionals in this field.

If you have ever wondered how to:

Search engines or a recommendation systems work?

predict natural disasters or health conditions through social networks?

develop methods to identify business opportunities or predict economic changes?

predict outbreaks and spread of epidemics?

develop methods for automatically understanding and creating natural language texts?

develop techniques for analyzing DNA sequence encodes?

plan efficient operations of hospitals and emergency rooms based on demand prediction?

plan efficient and green transportation in large cities?

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The uniqueness of the program

challenging curriculum

Sophisticated data-related laboratories in a variety of datatypes

Hands-on-data from day one and throughout the entire degree

The faculty members are of the world's leading researchers in science data

Advanced projects in cooperation with industry


The outstanding students will be exposed early on in their studies to the forefront research of the faculty members. The education of these excellent students will lead to higher degrees that will enrich the studies of the students, creating a challenging and satisfying learning environment, preparing the Technological Leaders of the next generation. In addition the faculty will provide financial awards to outstanding students during their studies.

Whats on the program?

The program aims to train engineers to extract knowledge from data using computerized methods. The knowledge extraction process begins by collecting data, managing and analyzing it and presenting it in a variety of applications. The process is done by creating and integrating analytical models, statistical tools and others, and is based on a wealth of large amounts of data, frequently changing and varying in level of reliability. Engineer training data and information is interdisciplinary and combines statistics, machine learning, research, artificial intelligence, economics, commerce, game theory, psychology and more. Advanced courses and laboratory data allow specialization in various types of information, eg text, operational, sensory input (events), economic, and environmental epidemiology.

Curriculum emphasis has been placed on the integration of theory and practice; In particular, continuous work over the title with large databases are at the Technion and specializing in leading companies in the industry.

You can enrich the curriculum trending minor in entrepreneurship, game theory or economics.


As the school year, students will be exposed to leading data based industries and engaging in challenging and engaging data experiences and projects through the Summer (Summer internships).

What they think of us?

"A new program to train and educate data experts is a necessity given the importance of hi-tech to Israel's economy. Such a program can address our growing need for data specialists and data analysts, and can help prepare the future hi-tech employees in Israel for a world where data is abundant and requires insights to decipher it. Such a program can create a differentiator for the Israel hi-tech ecosystem and fuel its growth. "

  Yoram Yaacovi, General Manager, Microsoft Israel R & D Center

Engineering domain data (Data Science) is the most interesting and specific high-tech industry today. Rare people today who have the ability to draw insights based on billions of observations ( "what's going on right now on social networks?"), Capable of engineering to build algorithms and robots that improve our quality of life ( "machine directions", "Search Results Showing 1-10") and have the ability to personally influence the most important decision makers in the organization, whether small or large, industrial technology. When I saw the program and data engineering at the Technion new information, I thought to myself - "I wish I could go back again undergraduate". Successful applicants!

Dr. Roy Sasson - Chief Data Scientist, Outbrain, professor of Econometrics, University of Tel Aviv

IE & M at Technion has faculty members with expertise in all related disciplines - statistics, computer science, operations research and psychology, and is thus able to construct a program in a goal-oriented way: providing the best education to produce a Data Engineer.

Adam Shwartz - Director, Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute

As civilian organizations also army occupies the topic Data Science)) an important and significant challenges faced by the military in future challenges. Technion staff presented the essence of the program and its details to staff Mnt"a and adapt wings leading the army: Telecommunications Division, Air Force Intelligence Directorate. All necessary powers expressed high ASTPRers alumni, welcomed the initiative and asked to take part in absorbing ASTPRers track graduates.

Lieutenant Colonel Yuval Greenberg - Head of the Human Resources Technology Academy