Economics and Management

Minor in Economics

The program is designed for students during their undergraduate studies at the Technion, including all science and engineering faculties. This program will teach courses on various themes of economic theory and practice. These courses are the core of every economics studies in other universities. The program emphasizes the development of economic thinking and intuition for economic decisions.

Graduates of the program will be able to engage in their primary degree in any application tools with economy-related issue.

Graduates of the program will have a few supplementary requirements for the purpose of admission to Master of Economics shared by the Technion and Haifa University.

Degree in economics - intended for students admit to their studies at the Technion until the academic year 2014-15 inclusive.

In the business and economic reality of today, a degree in economics, in addition to the major degree, will provide honor students in engineering the opportunity to assimilate the economic thinking patterns and the economic intuition. This is an exceptional bonus in each and every organization and managing scales.

Economics students will be trained to work in planning, assessing and managing of economic systems in the privet and public sector.    

The graduates of this program could trade in the field of their major degree while implementing the tools which were acquired in the economics studies in every issue with an economic approach. On the other hand, this program graduates could trade in economy while using the engineering and technical knowledge they acquired in their major degree. By doing so they earn a significant advantage compared to economics graduates from other universities.

In addition to the wide employment and promotion possibilities that will open to the graduates of this program, the graduates can also continue their academic course. They can continue to a Magister Degree in economics, a PhD, and even develop an academic career.