Information Systems Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
Human-Computer Interaction
Intelligent User Interfaces
Applications of AI in healthcare and education
Computational models of artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and intelligent information systems.
Modeling of complex systems, object process methodology, and software and systems engineering.
Network algorithms, discrete optimization,
algorithmic game
Databases, distributed and heterogeneous information systems.
Information retrieval, formal and empirical models.
Distributed algorithms, network algorithms, communication networks, distributed systems, fault tolerance, distributed data protection.
Natural linguistic processing, computational learning, artificial intelligence, language and cognition.
machine learning
causal inference
machine learning for healthcare
deep learning
Protocols for non-cooperative environments
Learning in non-cooperative environments
Non-Cooperative Computation
Program Equilibrium and Learning Equilibrium
The power of mediators
Ranking, Trust, and Reputation Systems
Advertising Mechanisms
The Agent Perspective in Game Theory
Artificial Social Systems
Social Contexts in Multi-Agent Systems
Mechanism Design for Data Science