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Incorporating Design Structure Matrix into OPM for Improved Model Analysis

By Gil Sobol
Location Bloomfield 527
Advisor(s): Prof. Dov Dori
Academic Program: IS
Sunday 05 January 2020, 14:30 - 15:00

Processes and systems are getting ever more complex due to the increased number of components and relations among them. This raises the need to model systems in a structured and easily understandable way. This research incorporated the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) into Object Process Methodology (OPM) to increase the ability to analyze the system model and improve it. DSM, as it is a method for capturing, modeling, analyzing, and synthesizing links among elements in highly networked systems. Object-Process Methodology models are built according to human understanding of the system. There are no tailor-made quantitative methods for improving these models, let alone optimizing them with respect to certain criteria. DSM, on the other hand, is a non-graphical, quantitative method, commonly used for representing and improving systems and projects. In this research, we combine the powers of DSM and OPM by converting an OPM model to a DSM, manipulating the DSM for improving the OPM model, and reflect the manipulations back to obtain an improved OPM model with respect to a given criterion, such as modularity.