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Employees’ readiness to adopt digital technology as related to their absorptive capacity

By Ronny Lavi
Location Bloomfield 527
Academic Program: BS
Wednesday 11 December 2019, 12:00 - 12:30

Adopting technological innovation has become one of the key success factors in the sustainable competitive advantage of companies today. Yet, the facto, there is a limited number of organizations in the traditional industry, which successfully implemented the digital technology. In the vast majority of cases employees resist the change needed to adopt the new technology. This study examined the personal and organizational characteristics that differentiate between employees who resisted the change and employees who were willing to adopt and utilize the new digital technology. Participants were 102 managers and employees who work in the production line of three manufacturing plants. The research questionnaire assessed the employees’ perceived absorptive capacity and self-efficacy, their perceptions of their managers’ opening leadership behaviors, as well as their willingness to use new digital technology. Our findings highlight the role of employees’ absorptive capacity on their willingness to use new digital technology, and its mediating role on the relationship between opening leader behaviors, self-efficacy and willingness to use new digital technology