Faculty Seminar

Date Title Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Location
Sunday 19 January 2020 Soft Constraints for Data Management Batya Kenig University of Washington Bloomfield 527
Monday 13 January 2020 Fundamental limits of modern machine learning and how to get around them Yair Carmon Stanford Bloomfield 527
Sunday 12 January 2020 Double Seminar: "Statistical and Computational Tradeoffs in Interactive Clustering" and "The Morality of Mechanical Minds" Wasim Huleihel and Yochanan Bigman TAU and UNC Chapel Hill Bloomfield 527
Sunday 05 January 2020 The Wisdom of Forecasting Crowds and Teams David Budescu Fordham University Bloomfield 527
Sunday 29 December 2019 The impact of peak-end demand models on promotion planning optimization with demand misspecification Tamar Cohen MIT Bloomfield 527
Sunday 22 December 2019 Meaning Representation in Natural Language Tasks Gabriel Stanovsky University of Washington and the Allen Institute for AI in Seattle Bloomfield 424
Sunday 15 December 2019 אנשים של מילים בעולם של מספרים דרור אמיר (Ynet) Bloomfield 527
Sunday 08 December 2019 Managing Queues with Different Resource Requirements Noa Zychlinski Columbia Business School Bloomfield 527
Sunday 01 December 2019 The Bright and the Dark Sides of Patents: Experimental Evidence Hodaya Lampert Technion Bloomfield 527
Sunday 17 November 2019 Scaling Write-Intensive Key-Value Stores Niv Dayan Researcher at Pliops Room 527 Bloomfield
Sunday 16 June 2019 Putting Ethical AI to the Vote Ariel Procaccia Carnegie Mellon University Bloomfield 527
Sunday 02 June 2019 Yael Niv & Nathaniel Daw Yael Niv Princeton Bloomfield 527
Sunday 26 May 2019 Elena Katok Elena Katok UT Dallas Bloomfield 527
Sunday 12 May 2019 Daniel Kuhn Daniel Kuhn EPFL Bloomfield 527
Sunday 28 April 2019 Building Blocks for a Global Democracy Ehud Shapiro Weizmann Institute Bloomfield 527
Sunday 14 April 2019 It’s Not What We Said, It’s Not What They Heard, It’s What They Say They Heard Barry Nussbaum Former president of the American Statistical Association Bloomfield 527
Sunday 07 April 2019 Ori Weisel Ori Weisel TAU Bloomfield 527
Sunday 31 March 2019 Project management: Art or Science? Avy Shtub Technion Bloomfield 527
Sunday 13 January 2019 Cloud Computing and Graph Coloring Ilan Cohen Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam Bloomfield 527
Sunday 06 January 2019 Learning with Sparse and Biased Feedback for Personal Search Michael Bendersky Google US Bloomfield 527
Sunday 30 December 2018 Recent results on multi-agent single-machine and project scheduling problems Prof. Alessandro Agnetis Università di Siena, Bloomfield 527
Sunday 23 December 2018 Trust in Artificial Intelligence – Theoretical Framework and Empirical Research Ella Glikson Carnegie Mellon Univ Bloomfield 527
Sunday 16 December 2018 A Characterization of Monotone Influence Measures for Data Classification Yair Zick National University of Singapore Bloomfield 527
Sunday 25 November 2018 Computational Design Principles of Cognition Yuval Hart School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University Bloomfield 527
Sunday 18 November 2018 To prepare or not to prepare? Optimal uptake switching strategy in the presence of preferred and less-preferred resources Yonatan Savir Faculty of Medicine, Technion Bloomfield 527
Sunday 11 November 2018 Loss aversion: A fantastic principle or a trick of the eye? Eldad Yechiam Technion Bloomfield 527
Sunday 01 July 2018 Highly-efficient Algorithms for Online Learning with Semi-adversarial Sequences Dan Garber Technion Bloomfield 527
Sunday 10 June 2018 TBD Yakov Babichenko Technion Bloomfield 527
Sunday 10 June 2018 TBD Assaf Romm Hebrew Univesity Bloomfield 527
Sunday 03 June 2018 TBD Uri Hertz Haifa U. Bloomfield 527