Quant Seminar

Date Title Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Location
Wednesday 16 January 2019 Using Data Analysis in Customer Trends Detection for Optimal Promotion Targeting Tamar Cohen MIT Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 09 January 2019 A Data-Driven Approach for Multi-Stage Linear Optimization Bradley Sturt MIT Bloomfield 527
Monday 07 January 2019 Service Engineering: From Theory to Practice Avi Mandelbaum Technion Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 02 January 2019 When Existing Techniques Preserve Differential Privacy Or Sheffet Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 19 December 2018 Towards Interpretable Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Roy Schwartz Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 28 November 2018 Globally-Consistent Rule-Based Summary-Explanations for Machine Learning Models, with Application to Credit-Risk Evaluation Yaron Shaposhnik Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 28 November 2018 Beyond SGD: Data Adaptive Methods for Machine Learning Kfir Levi ETH Zurich Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 21 November 2018 Toward Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality: An FPTAS for Stochastic Dynamic Programs with Multidimensional Action and Scalar State Nir Halman Hebrew U. Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 14 November 2018 Online Disjoint Set Cover without Prior Knowledge Adam Goldbraikh Technion Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 31 October 2018 Modeling behavioral response to vaccination using public goods game David Ben-Arieh Kansas State U. Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 24 October 2018 Multilateral Wars Moshe Kress Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 17 October 2018 The Number of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States Edward H. Kaplan Yale University Bloomfield 527
Monday 08 October 2018 Talk: Learning from Nothing: Paving the way for Ever Learning Machines Juan P. Wachs Purdue University Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 03 October 2018 Agile project management in teaching: observations in the context of a case study on business model development Andre Döring Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 25 July 2018 Inference for the Effectiveness of Personalized Medicine with Software Adam Kapelner Queens College Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 11 July 2018 User Group Analytics B. Omidvar-Tehrani U. of Grenoble Alpes Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 27 June 2018 Artificial Intelligence for Software Testing and Debugging Roni Stern Ben Gurion Univ. Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 20 June 2018 Modeling Human Mobility Behavior-Patterns in Smart Cities Irad Ben Gal Tel Aviv U Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 13 June 2018 On Applications of the Pollaczek-Khinchine (PK) formula Beyond the M/G/1 Queue David Perry Haifa U. Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 06 June 2018 A Decision Theoretic Approach for Adaptive Designs Martin Posch Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 30 May 2018 Frustration-Based Promotions: Field Experiments in Ride-Sharing Maxim Cohen NYU Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 23 May 2018 A Psychological Remedy for Queueing Stressors: How Predicted Remaining Wait and Perceptions of Load Moderate Service Aggression Dorit Efrat BGU Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 16 May 2018 Withholding Capacity from Strategic Patients Mor Armony NYU Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 09 May 2018 Approximating Generalized Network Design under (Dis)economies of Scale with Applications to Energy Efficiency Yangguang Shi Technion Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 02 May 2018 On Applications of the Pollaczek-Khinchine (PK) formula Beyond the M/G/1 Queue David Perry Haifa University Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 28 March 2018 Development of tools for workplace design using digital human modeling and optimization to address worker productivity and risk of injury Raziel Riemer BGU Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 21 March 2018 Balancing ​Efficiency and Effectiveness ​ Trade-offs in Large Scale Multistage Retrieval Systems Shane Culpepper RMIT University Bloomfield 527
Monday 05 March 2018 Sparse Optimization: Optimality Conditions and Algorithms Nadav Hallak Technion Bloomfield 527
Wednesday 24 January 2018 Three operations management problems in criminology Larry Wein Stanford University Bloomfield 527
Monday 22 January 2018 Efficient admission policies for cache management and heavy hitter detection Gil Einziger Nokia Bell Labs Bloomfield 527