Quant Seminar

Date Title Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Location
Wednesday 24 January 2018 Three operations management problems in criminology Larry Wein Stanford University Bloomfield 527
Monday 22 January 2018 Efficient admission policies for cache management and heavy hitter detection Gil Einziger Nokia Bell Labs Bloomfield 527
Monday 15 January 2018 The stability of dynamic consumption under the Multinomial-Logit model and its algorithmic implications Danny Segev Haifa University Bloomfield 527
Monday 08 January 2018 A power analysis for Knockoffs Asaf Weinstein Stanford University Bloomfield 527
Monday 25 December 2017 Integrating Distributional and Compositional Approaches to Word Embeddings Yuval Pinter MIT Bloomfield 527
Monday 04 December 2017 A multiclass M/M/1 queueing problem with model uncertainty Asaf Cohen Haifa University Bloomfield 527
Monday 27 November 2017 Using infectious disease models to inform public health policy Dan Yamin Tel Aviv University Bloomfield 527
Monday 20 November 2017 The cell as a factory - Self-replicating network of queues as a model for single cell bacterial growth and resource allocation Rami Pugatch Ben Gurion U. Bloomfield 527
Monday 13 November 2017 Facing Uncertainty in Complex CPS Design Bran Selic Malina Software Corp Bloomfield 527
Monday 30 October 2017 Social media big data integration: a new approach based on calibration Ron Kenett KPA Gr., U of Turin Bloomfield 527
Monday 03 July 2017 Fully Customizable Forests Adam Kapelner Queens College in New York City Bloomfield 527
Monday 26 June 2017 The Electric-Autonomous Dial-a-Ride Problem Mor Caspi EPFL (Swiss) Bloomfield 527
Monday 19 June 2017 Robust optimization with ambiguous stochastic constraints under mean and dispersion information Krzysztof Postek Technion Bloomfield 527
Monday 12 June 2017 Recommender Systems Research in Microsoft Israel Noam Koenigstein Microsoft Bloomfield 527
Monday 05 June 2017 Consumable Joint Transshipment with Heterogeneous Costs Shimon Bitton Technion Bloomfield 527
Monday 29 May 2017 Goal Recognition Design Sarah Keren Technion Bloomfield 527
Monday 22 May 2017 Multi-Perspective Declarative Process Mining Stefan Schoenig Universitat Bayreuth, Germany Bloomfield 527
Sunday 21 May 2017 Using wrong statistical models David Azriel Technion Bloomfield 727
Monday 08 May 2017 Hopsets with Constant Hopbound, and Applications to Approximate Shortest Paths Ofer Neiman Bloomfield 527
Monday 03 April 2017 Greedy-Like Algorithms for Dynamic Assortment Planning Under Multinomial Logit Preferences Danny Segev Haifa University Bloomfield 527
Monday 27 March 2017 Advances in Temporal Data Mining for Clustering, Classification, and Prediction Purposes Yuval Shahar BGU Bloomfield 527
Monday 23 January 2017 Reducing Errors by Refusing to Guess (Occasionally) Dennis Shasha NYU Bloomfield 527
Monday 09 January 2017 An Analytical Approach to Data Quality in Business Processes Pnina Sofer Haifa University Bloofield 527
Monday 02 January 2017 Personalized Information Sharing: Reducing Coordination Overhead in Loosely-Coupled Teamwork Ofra Amir Harvard University Bloomfield 527
Monday 19 December 2016 Identifying a minimal class of models for high-dimensional data Daniel Nevo Bloomfield 527
Monday 12 December 2016 Learning service quality by observing service outcomes. Refael Hassin Tel Aviv University Bloomfield 527
Monday 05 December 2016 Social Learning and the Design of New Experience Goods Ella Segev Ben Gurion University Bloomfield 527
Monday 28 November 2016 CryptoNets: Applying Neural Networks to Encrypted Data with High Throughput and Accuracy Ran Gilad-Bacharach Microsoft Research Bloomfield 527
Monday 21 November 2016 Fun Facts: Automatic Trivia Fact Extraction from Wikipedia Dan Pelleg Yahoo Bloomfield 527
Monday 14 November 2016 Optimal Portfolio Liquidation in Target Zone Models Eyal Neuman University of Rochester Bloomfield 527