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Agile project management in teaching: observations in the context of a case study on business model development

By Andre Döring
Location Bloomfield 527
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Wednesday 03 October 2018, 11:30 - 12:30


Within the framework of a seminar course "Agile Project Management" in the elective area of the fifth semester for the study courses Business Administration, Technical Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Management and Information Systems, I have been using the "Agile Project Management" method in the context of a case study for several years. 

The aim of this case study is that students develop and implement a business model throughout the entire semester of the course. The entire project must be managed agilely. The students work together in interdisciplinary teams in the course and, in addition to the application of methods, must also contribute knowledge from their business studies as well as creative ideas to the project.

The lecture shows how the course is structured, what observations I have been able to make in recent years, especially with regard to the application of the "agile project management" method, as well as the usual problems in project management, and what insights I can draw from this for future courses.