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The impact factor: The effect of information about previous donation’s impact on recurring donations

By Zohar Gilad
Location Bloomfield 527
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Wednesday 21 June 2017, 11:30 - 12:15

Although establishing and retaining a pool of persistent, recurring donors is of tremendous importance to the success of nonprofit organizations, the nonprofit sector is struggling to develop strategies to cope with donor attrition. We hypothesized that providing donors information about the impact of their previous donation will have a positive effect on their recurring donations. Although donors hope that their donation made an impact, they are seldom well informed about the outcomes of their donation. Results of two studies show that giving donors information about their previous donation’s impact (compared to gratitude, information about their future donation impact, or no information) increased their willingness to donate again and the amounts they were willing to donate. Moreover, we present two underlying mechanisms for this effect: donors’ satisfaction from their donation and donors’ positive self-perception following a donation. The results of the current research offer theoretical and practical contributions to the field of prosocial behavior, and donation giving in particular.