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The cell as a factory - Self-replicating network of queues as a model for single cell bacterial growth and resource allocation

By Rami Pugatch
Location Bloomfield 527
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Monday 20 November 2017, 11:30 - 12:30
Abstract: In this talk I will describe a model for bacterium growth inspired by von-Neumann's kinematic self-replicator. The model account for modern molecular cell biology not known at von-Neuman's time and enables better understanding of the temporal dynamics, nature of growth bottlenecks, role of stochasticity and the manner in which dynamical resource allocation affect the observed growth rate of a cell. I will explain the model, and show how it leads to an intuitive generalization of Little's law to self-replicating factories. If time permits, I will discuss open problems in the field and explain the need to go beyond "averaging" in order to explain recent experiments. 
No biological background is required. 
brief bio, Rami Pugatch
First degree in mathematics and physics Technion 1999
Operation research at IMOD 1999-2004
Msc in physics TAU/WIS 2006
PhD in physics WIS 2012
Fulbright Scholar and member at the Institute for advanced study, Simons center for systems biology, Princeton,  2012-2013
member and research associate at the institute for advanced study, Simons center for systems biology 2013-2015
Visiting scientist TAU department of condensed mater 2016
Staff associate at the International Center for Theoretical Physics, quantitative life science. 2017-
מרצה בכיר במחלקה להנדסת תעשייה וניהול באוניברסיטת בן-גוריון (2017)