Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Knowledge Center for Innovation

    Founded in 2008, the Knowledge Center for Innovation’s vision is to enhance innovation by promoting research of knowledge on innovation, disseminating it among researchers, students, managers and practitioners, and implementing it in organizations to enhance economic growth, personal growth and well-being. The Knowledge Center aims to serve as a provoking factor that impacts the research- industry, and policy-making innovation initiatives. The Center initiates and supports innovation programs to enhance innovation at all levels - individual, team, organization, national and global levels. The Center develops, promotes and implements research-grounded methodology and tools along the process of innovation, from problem identification, to idea generation and selection, and through implementation and market penetration. The Center encourages and facilitates open innovation through cooperation between local and global organizations, between academia, industry, and policy makers, and via virtual and face-to-face interactive innovation forums.   

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  • Biztec

    Established in 2004 at the Technion, BizTEC is a non-profit, annual national competition that helps students promote their ventures. We invite you to join us, and with the technological support of Israel’s Institute of Technology Community and Industry Leaders, we will enable your ventures to rise to the next level.  

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