Statistics Laboratory


The Statistics Laboratory operates within the Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd. and is part of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management. It was established in 1986 and is headed by Professor Ayala Cohen. Besides Ayala Cohen, its staff includes two statisticians, with a Ph.D degree, and Professor Paul D. Feigin, who serves as a consultant.

Research Topics:

The projects that are carried out can be divided into several categories according to their topics. The ones that are the most frequent are:

Medical research:

Survival Analysis; Assessment of newly-developed medical devices and diagnostic tools; Data analysis of clinical trials; Propensity Analysis.

Organizational Behavior:

Assessment of agreement, Hierarchical linear models, Mixed models, Generalized linear mixed models, Classification and regression trees.


Before vs. after analysis, Assessment of intervention, Bayesian methods.

Environmental Studies:


Effects of pollution on health, Assessment of the efficiency of cloud seeding on the enhancement of rain in northern Israel.

Classification of dust days by satellite remotely sensed aerosol products.

Special projects are done for the Technion, such as:

Assessment of acceptance criteria of students to the Technion as predictors of their academic achievements at the Technion.

Contact us:

The Statistics Laboratory
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