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Graduate Students Office

Dean’s Office

Building Superintendent

Computer’s Department



  • Attending seminars is a great way to learn more about the faculty’s research, you are always welcomed. Info about our seminars.

Parking in the Campus

Easily missed student obligations

Course registration dates and deadlines are published on the Graduate School site. Please note that registration for a course must be performed through Anat Kompel – Graduate Studies Coordinator, with the Form for a Proposed Semester Study Program, signed by your academic advisor.

Research Ethics – MSc (with thesis) and PhD Students must pass the exam of the online course “Research Ethics” (218000) before submitting their research topic.

English – A student of the Graduate School is required to pass the advanced English exam during the first semester of the student’s studies. An exemption from the exam can be granted to A student with a PhD, or a grade of 75% or higher in the language portion of the GRE/GMAT, or a graduate of a high school or recognized academic institution in which the language of instruction is English.

Services and the “Student House” [Beit Hastudent]

TSA Office

Coffee and Restaurants

Grocery store

TSA Cinema


Pub [Hunta]

Printing Services


Travel Agency

Services at the Campus


Dentist clinic

Post Office

Office supply store (Michlol)

Psychological Counselling Center


Hair dresser

Laundry machines (In the dormitories)


The Technion Sport Center

Sport courses for graduate students

Useful Apps:

The Technion App

COLU – Local currency

Facebook groups

Students at the Technion

Female Students at the Technion

Undergraduate Students

Faculty Graduate Students

Graduate Technion Students

Teaching Staff


TSA Social events

Rides and hitchhiking to the Technion

Rides and hitchhiking from the Technion

More Useful Links

Report Card


TechSec – Connect to the secure wireless network

BookMe – Room reservation system


Scholarship award guidelines

Scholarship portion in NIS (October 2021)

MSc before research topic         957

MSc after research topic            1,024

Announcements of upcoming scholarships and grants can be found occasionally on The Graduate School’s website.

Scholarship awardees may take as many as 1100 Employment units as instructors, about a half time position.

For further information please connect with Maria Turetsky the Teaching Coordinator.

Computing at the Technion and the Faculty

The Technion’s Division of Computing and Information Systems site

The faculty’s computer department is located in rooms 324 and 325 of the Bloomfield building. The department takes care of all the computer needs of the faculty and is open Sunday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m.

Wireless points are located throughout the faculty and can be used by your Technion credentials. Each classroom is equipped with a computer and projector as well as a mobile phone connection. You can contact the computer department to install the integrated printer located on the 4th floor of the Cooper building.

For more information about hardware, software, and communications, contact the Computer Department.

Working and resting spaces in the faculty

The Instructors Kitchen is located on the 4th floor at the Cooper building

Cooper Kitchen Cooper Kitchen

The master students’ room, Cooper 104, is designated for Masters student who do not serve as instructors. The room serves as a quiet working place and is equipped with computers, printers, a mini-fridge and sitting lounge.

Master Students lounge Master Students lounge Master Students lounge

Graduate students’ room, situated on the Bloomfield building’s roof (6th floor). A somewhat noisy room to enjoy company, coffee machine and share meals.

Mishtalmim roof-office Mishtalmim roof-office

Lactation room – Copper 333, Keys can be obtained from the Dean’s Office or Haim Ezra, the Building Superintendent.

Breastfeeding Room Breastfeeding Room


Defibrillator – Bloomfield main hall (2nd Floor), Yellow box located on the wall at the left side of the elevators.

The Defibrillator Box
The Defibrillator Box

First aid kits are to be found at the Dean’s office and the building superintendent office.

Fire extinguishers are located throughout the whole building.

In case of emergency call Security 2222 (04-8292222)

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